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How to use sweet alert in laravel?

Posted 1 year ago by AbdulBazith

guys iam working with a project

iam using flash message in my controller

this is my controller

Session::flash('success','Location Data Entered succesfully');

 return redirect()->route('Location_details.create');

this is my message


<div class="alert alert-success">

<strong>Success: </strong>{{ Session::get('success') }}



But now i need to use sweet alert instead of flash messages.

How to use that,

i did this

composer require uxweb/sweet-alert

'providers' => [




'aliases' => [


    'Alert' => UxWeb\SweetAlert\SweetAlert::class,


And atlast i changed my controller to

  Alert::message('Location data entered succesfully!');

            return redirect()->route('Location_details.create');

in the header i added

use Alert

But its not working.

whats the problem how can i use sweet alerts in my controller

Kindly some one suggest

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