How to speed up laravel?

Published 9 months ago by ilya78

Hello. My server work on Apache + OPcache + PHP 7 + laravel (with memcached) How to improve performance? On slow connection site loaded very long (10-12 seconds), on normal connection site loaded in 2-3 seconds. I changed half of the requests for ajax


Take a look at this course it's amazing.

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There are also many factors affecting load time that have nothing to do with Laravel.

How many images you're loading, their size, are they compressed, are they the correct size for the device consuming them (not loading huge images and then using scaling using height/width to make them smaller)?

Are you using http cache headers so that assets aren't continuously being redownloaded?

Are your assets (css/js) compressed with gzip? Are they concatenated or are you loading a lot of js/css files?

Are you using HTTP/2?

Are you using CDN's to deliver your assets (images/js/css/etc)?


Thank you for your answer.

We also use cloudflare (with PRO plan).

All images are compressed maximally and pictures 200px weigh about 10-15kb (for example size of this img ( = 16 kb)

Yes, we use http cache headers.

About assets. Here we have a problem. CSS size = ~400kb And we have about 7 js scripts, but we load them using cdn servers.

We load img, js, css from subdomain.

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