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How to run laravel project locally without using "php aritsan serve" command?

Posted 1 year ago by AbdulBazith

Guys i have done an web application in laravel "milkfarm" which maintains the accounts of milkfarm

Now i need to install the application to the client laptop.

What i did is

installed xampp to his laptop

imported the sql file in his laptop

after that copied the project folder to his laptop in htdocs folder

then open the project folder "milkfarm" in command prompt then, followed the belowsteps

composer install 

Run php artisan key:generate

Run php artisan migrate

i think now my db is ok and the project also ok.

Now i need to run the project without giving "php artisan command"

that is starting the xampp then in browser

if i give

 // laravel is folder name and milkfarm is project name


The first page is loaded then if i click the link in nav bar it shows error

page not found

I reffered in google and i got the answers

to rename the server.php to index.php and the copy the .htaccess file to root directory in the project.

I done that tooo

now if i give


the first page is loaded without the css files and also if i click the menu login the same error page not found

What should i do

Kindly suggest please.

Why i am asking this because, my client don't have too much knowledge. he maintained his accounts manually only..

so i created a application for his accounts work.. if the application is done in "vb" it is simply converted into .exe file and we can install in that system and we can use it.

i should get familiar in laravel so that i developed that application in laravel, and in future that application can be hosted so i created that application in laravel.

Presently it is going to be run locally in his system only.

to make work simple we are creating application.

but i f say to my client to on the xampp, go the folder, type php artisan serve. how can he remember this.

Is there any simple way please kindly suggest please..

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