4 months ago

how to redirect user into its default homepage

Posted 4 months ago by incridible

hello I am working on a user auth which I have changed, but now I tried to make it default ( when user login then he redirect to home.blade.php ) but its not working, here is HomeController.

  public function index()
    if (Auth::user()->admin == 0) {
        return view('home')->withData($files);
    } else {
        $users['users'] = \App\User::all();
        return view('layouts.master', $users);
    //return view('home');
    return view('home')->withData(null);

public function show($id)
    $data = File::findOrFail($id);

    $files = \DB::table('files')->get();

    return view('userhome', compact('data', 'files'));


  Route::get('/', function () {
      return view('welcome');

  Route::group(['middleware' => ['web','auth']], function(){

   Route::get('/home', '[email protected]');



    if(auth()->check() && $request->user()->admin == 0){
        return redirect()->guest('home');
    return $next($request);

and one thing that user become unable to access to the admin panel by typing URL

thnks in advance

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