6 months ago

How to re-construct a Class in single process?

Posted 6 months ago by muzafferdede

Hi, Is there any way i can reconstruct my controller classes after some method calls?

Because i am doing some logic in "while" loop and i need to re instance some classes to update its properties during same process.

for now i am doing it with

    public function status()
        return $this->successful($this->device);
public function register()
        $device = Device::updateOrCreate(
                'serial_number' => $this->request->serial_number,
                'name' => $this->request->serial_number,
                'type' => $this->request->type,
                'properties' => $this->request->properties,

        return $device->save() ? $this->successful($device) : $this->failed(15);

    public function activate()
        $device = Device::whereActivationCode($this->request->activation_code)

        if (!$device) {
            return $this->failed(9);

        if ($device->activated) {
            return $this->failed(10);

        $store = Store::whereUid($this->request->uid)->first() ?? $device->store;
        if (!$store) {
            return $this->failed(0);

        $device->activated = now();
        $device->api_token = Str::uuid();

        return $this->successful($device);

as you can see, all my methods has to re-construct to renew its properties. I can't kill the process because i am listening a socket for new events. Because of this, application only can boot 1 time. I am not sure how can i renew the existing instances in the application container. I would like to use service provider to achieve it. And update the singleton anytime new events causes.

any advice? Thanks.

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