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How to print table column values count numbers with relationship table values?

Posted 11 months ago by Msoft

Hello, I have 2 models as Category and Vehicles with following relationship Category

 public function vehicles()
        return $this->hasMany(Vehicle::class);


 public function category()
        return $this->belongsTo(Category::class);

My vehicles table with following columns names,

id   number  categoryname
1     123           Car
2    589        Van
3    589        Car
4    563        SUV
5    563        Van

and categories table name as following

id   categoryname   images
1   Car             car.png
2   Van             van.png
3   SUV             suv.png

Now I need count categoryname column values and print them in welcome.blade.php then I have Controller in VehicleController as following,

public function showcategoryname()
      $names = Vehicle::groupBy('categoryname')->select('id', 'categoryname', \DB::raw('COUNT(*) as cnt'))->get();  

      return view('welcome')->withNames($names);

in welcome blade view

 @foreach($names as $name)
    {{ $name->categoryname }} ({{ $name->cnt }})

it is working fine Now I need print as loop according to this values of categories table data as categoryname and Images etc..... then how can I print both two table data in a loop using above relationship?

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