How to pass multiple values through Ajax in laravel?

Posted 11 months ago by AbdulBazith

I am having form view.blade which shows the data of all sales_details (my table) in tabular format.

I am having three text boxes in my view.blade which I am using for search option.

This is my view.blade (just I copied the search box code only)


            <th > {{ Form::text('search_name',null,array('class'=>'form-control','id'=>'search_name','name'=>'search_name')) }}</th>
            <th> {{ Form::text('search_area',null,array('class'=>'form-control','id'=>'search_area','name'=>'search_area')) }}</th>
            <th> {{ Form::text('search_booth',null,array('class'=>'form-control','id'=>'search_booth','name'=>'search_booth')) }}</th>


This is my JavaScript




type : 'get',

url : '{{URL::to('search_name')}}',









This is my controller

public function search_name( Request $request )



        //Need to return the output to the ajax
        // Need to perform some thing

My doubt is I am writing the JavaScript in onkeyup event for the textboxes. I have entered some text in first text box and some text in second textbox an when I enter content in third textbox the ajax should fetch all the three content from three text boxes and it should pass to the function search() in the controller. [Will be better if any of the textbox is gets the onkeyup event the same ajax function must be called how?]

Then another doubt is after passing the three content those three must be used to where conditions in the function.

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