3 weeks ago

How to make a single form for edit and update and also for adding

Posted 3 weeks ago by AbdulBazith

Guys iam working with a project School Management System.

i have a add form to add the student.

it is a single form which consist of more than 5 sections like

Official info
personal info
Address Info
Parents Info
Siblings Info
Previous Education Info etc

i have controller for each of them and model also for each of them.

the above mentioned are in a single from with different sections. in this official and personal info are mandatory fields remaining are optional.

when the school staff comes and add a student she will fill the personal and official info, whether she needs she will insert other details.

and i had a profile view form where it displays the student detail with section wise.

now what client expecting is in the profile page a have edit button for each section, if they click that only that portion must be in another page with editable then they can edit.

now whether i need to have that much edit forms and for each section???

and some times they may leave the address information when adding a student. so i have a add button also in the profile page. so when the client click that, only address form should open. like wise for other also,

so my doubt is whether i need to have that much edit and add forms??

is there any simple solution???

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