7 months ago

How to insert multiple records in child table

Posted 7 months ago by AKmahato

I have two tables Category and SubCategory I want to insert data in both tables from one single form but while inserting I want to insert multiple records in the child table. Insertion is happening but only in the parent table no data inserting in the child table.

Here is my code

public function store(Request $request)

        $category = new AddCategory();

        $category->c_date = $request->c_date;
        $category->c_name = $request->c_name;
        $category->c_desc = $request->c_desc;

 $sc_name = $request->input('sc_name');
        $sc_desc = $request->input('sc_desc');

        $n = count($sc_name);

        $subcategory = [];

        for($i=0; $i<$n; $i++){
                'sc_name' => $sc_name[$i],
                'sc_desc' => $sc_desc[$i],
                'cat_id' => $category->id 


        foreach($subcategory as $row){
        return redirect()->back();

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