How to implement different condition for different dropdown in form

Posted 8 months ago by Niyaz

Hi, i am doing a project in laravel which i need implement different condition for different dropdown (select option) Like , this is my 1st dropdown list option

{{ Form::select('category_of_works', ['0' => 'Minor Works', '1' => 'Major Works'], null , ['class' => 'form_control'])  }}

and this is my 2nd dropdown list option

{{ Form::select('community_id',[ '1' => 'Project1', '2' => 'Project2', '3' => 'Project3' , '4' => 'Project4'],null ,['class' => 'form-control'] ) }}

My query is if i select "minor works" from 1st dropdown and "Project2" from 2nd dropdown i have to get a sentence like "Your deposit is huge" in my terms and condition

And my Terms and condition is

<label class="col-xs-3 control-label">Terms and Conditions</label> 
                            <div class="col-xs-9">
                                <div class="agree-terms">  
<li>I understand xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.</li>
                                        <li>I confirm that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</li>
                                        <li>I confirm that xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.</li>

Perviously, i have similar condition for one dropdown and i did it by javascript and query . But now i have it for 2 dropdown and i dont know how to proceed it.

Can anyone help me to solve it as i can do it by query or by laravel( php) ?

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