How to disable escaping in route()

Posted 2 months ago by dasdingo

Hey, I try to build a small Ical API. The problem is, that the route() function in blade is actually escaping my icalCode / Hash Code:

{!! route('api.ical', [Auth::user()->email, Auth::user()->icalCode]) !!}

will create:[email protected]/%242y%2410%24B0Z8Ol/ngBZy0XxXYYU9Gulwt6Zq7fHzMnWzc0D0IuDbU.D0ypeuW.ical

But the Code should be: $2y$10$B0Z8Ol/ngBZy0XxXYYU9Gulwt6Zq7fHzMnWzc0D0IuDbU.D0ypeuW

Here is also my route:

Route::get('/ical/{email}/{apiCode}.ical', 'Api\[email protected]')->name('api.ical');

So how can I force the route() function not to escape the Auth::user()->icalCode ?

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