10 months ago

How to delay a job for next week?

Posted 10 months ago by shadrix

Currently, I'm sending emails with "later()" to delay the time dynamically let's say next week. However, I have some edge cases where sometimes I'm not allowed to send the mail.

For that, I want to use a job to check if I should send the mail.

Two questions:

  • What is the maximum of delay time? (I only see: "The Amazon SQS queue service has a maximum delay time of 15 minutes.")

  • And one post mentioned this:

    $date = Carbon::now()->addMinutes(20160);
    Queue::later($date, '[email protected]', array('user' => $user));

but the post was from the year 2014. Can you still queue like this? There is no mention of Queue in the docs...

In the api I see only lateOn

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