How to count table column type in Laravel 5.6?

Posted 6 months ago by Sunpower

working with Laravel 5.6 and mysql. I have following table name as project

id  name  number   type  
1   def        123            Car
2   lki         589           Van
3   loi         256           Truck
4   oiu       569           Car
5   hyy      589            Van

Now I need count number of each type columns values. I do not wanna loop count. just I need count each Type and show on sidemenu file. like this,

Car 2
Van 2
Truck 1

my sidemenu.blade.php file location is,


and I am going to side bar include with each blade files as following,

<div class="col-md-3 ">

then how can code my project controller to grap above type data counts and print in side the sidemenu blade file?

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