4 months ago

How to Call a Long Duration MySQL Stored Procedure on Laravel?

Posted 4 months ago by berinjelablues

I can't fully execute a long duration MySQL Stored Procedure on Laravel. This Procedure execute a lot of data tests and insert millions of rows on a table and take about 10 minutes to process.

I'm totally sure that this procedure is working when a call it by command line on Linux but I was unable to make it work by calling it by a Web Application.

Until now I've tried to call on a queued job but the job fail with this error:


Job code:

DB::select('call sp_valida_arquivo("1", "7")');

This is my worker settings:

php artisan queue:work --queue high,default --tries=1 --timeout=0

I would like to understand what is going wrong when calling the procedure on Laravel.

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