6 months ago

How to allow blade to except (<a href>, <br /> ... etc)

Posted 6 months ago by nhayder

I have contenteditable div on my app, using vue im saving input of the user like this

// example
            <h1 v-html="widget.title" ref="wTitle"



// this is vue save function
            save: function(){

                let id = this.id;

                let text = this.$refs.wTitle.innerHTML;

                this.$store.dispatch('saveText', [id, text, 'title']);


the code above is not allowing me to save keyboard (enter, white space) in stead its returning html on the page

// something like this
[space bar click] [space bar click] this is my name [space bar click] [keyboard enter]
&nbsp; &nbsp;this is my name&nbsp; &nbsp;

and its stripping out tags, ...

i want blade to except specific html tags like , [space bar click]etc, ...

i'm NOT planning to use sanitization packages because most of the are not updated,

preferably i want to use laravel build it features to help out in rendering specific tags on the page.

Any Ideas ????

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