How can I select a model to use based on a variable?

Posted 1 year ago by JackJones

That's not a very good title, it's easy to explain but I'm not sure how to word it. I have 11 different types of Place, one is a macroregion:

abstract class MacroRegions extends Places
    protected $place_type = 'macroregion';

    public function update()
        $records = $this->getUpdateRecords();

        foreach($records as $title => $info)
            $info['type'] = $this->place_type;
            $info['name'] = $info['name'] ?? $title;
            $info['official_name'] = $info['official_name'] ?? $info['name'];

            MacroRegion::updateOrCreate(['title' => $title], ['title' => $title] + $info);

The update method is identical across all 11 classes, except for the Model.

How can I "pass" the model so I can move this method to the Places class?

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