How can i save with one foreach loop object returned from ajax

Posted 8 months ago by petritr

I have the following object:

"device_id_1" => "100"
  "type_1" => "Some type"
  "name_1" => "Some Name"
  "modul_1_1" => "Modul 1"
  "device_id_2" => "200"
  "type_2" => "Other type"
  "name_2" => "Name"

in the controller i have the following:

$devices = $request->all();  // Will return to correct data
$devicesS = [];

        foreach ($devices as $index => $deviceId) {
            $devicesS[] = Device::create([
                'device_id' => $deviceId,
                'name' => $request->name_[$index],
                'type' => $request->type_[$index],
                'modul_1' => $request->modul_1_[$index],

My loop is not working at the moment, any ideas how to save object with one foreach loop?

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