4 months ago

Homestead on Windows

Posted 4 months ago by RonB1985

So I've installed Laravel Homestead using the following guide:

I did this on my old machine and everything went perfect. Now, on my new machine, I get some errors with my existing projects, mostly with permissions:

The stream or file "/home/vagrant/code/laravel/storage/logs/laravel-2019-05-05.log" could not be opened: failed to open stream: Permission denied

And when creating a fresh project and then browsing to it, I get:

No input file specified. 

It doesn't seem to synchronize between my local files and the virtual ones. Been searching online the whole day, but haven't found anything that helped yet. Downgraded Virtualbox as well, but that didn't help.

If anyone came across similar issues or has any ideas, please share them here. If not, I will simply start from scratch again later this week.

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