2 years ago

Homestead error on windows

Posted 2 years ago by lluis96

I'm getting this error:

C:/Users/Lluis/Homestead/scripts/homestead.rb:125:in configure': undefined methodeach' for "\u00D4\u00C7\u00F6 c:/Users/Lluis/.ssh/id_rsa":String (NoMethodError)

I see in others questions here on Laracast maybe it's an error of paths, but I check it and not. Here's my Homestead.yaml file.

ip: "" memory: 2048 cpus: 1 provider: virtualbox

authorize: c:/Users/Lluis/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

keys: — c:/Users/Lluis/.ssh/id_rsa

folders: - map: e:/Homestead_Projects to: /home/vagrant/code

sites: - map: homestead.app to: /home/vagrant/code/Laravel/public

databases: - homestead

If someone can help me will be great, thanks!

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