groupby and sum the total_amount of same suppliers

Posted 1 month ago by AbdulBazith

guys i have a small problem in my hotelmanagement system. its a erp like software.

i have a table purchase_to_stores with columns

supplier_id (fk)

i need to fetch records from this table, with a where condition between two date of due_date and total_amount should be added if supplier_id is same.

that is for one supplier i may bought 2 bill_no. 1 bill for rs 500 and another bill ofr rs 200. so i need to get the output as

the due_date, supplier_name, total_amount must be 700 .. like this

this is my supplier model,

 public function purchasetostore()
        return $this->hasMany('App\PurchaseToStore', 'supplier_id');

this is my PurchaseToStore model

 public function supplier()
        return $this->belongsTo('App\Supplier', 'supplier_id');

my query is

$paymentlists = PurchaseToStore::where('payment_status', '0')->whereBetween('due_date', array($fromdate, $todate))->paginate(50);

and in my view.blade file

                                            <th>Due Date</th>
                                            <th>Cheque or Cash</th>

 @foreach($paymentlists as $s_no=>$paymentlist)
                                            <td >
                                                {{ $s_no + $paymentlists->firstItem() }}

                                        <td >
                                                {{ \Carbon\Carbon::parse( $paymentlist->due_date)->format('d-m-Y') }}                                        

                                            <td >
                                                {{ $paymentlist->supplier->sup_name }}

                                            <td >

                                            <td >{{ $paymentlist->total_amount }}</td>
                                            <td> </td>



i can get the output. but if a supplier has two bills. then the two bills are displayed. I need the total amount for same supplier.

what to do kindly some one help

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