Godaddy hosting is good for big laravel projects

Published 5 months ago by Dev0ps

Guys I am working on social networking platform I'm confused to choose to host.


This depends less on the type of application than on how many users you expect on average.

So, define "big"

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You are not going to achieve a Fedex size site there, but for medium to smaller sites it's okay. But if you expect thousands of users probably not.

But why don't you do something:

  • Call them
  • Ask about dedicated server and see what it will do
  • They have tech support for this type of question

Their shared hosting is only good for smaller sites where you don't expect large number of hits on site.

I have one site on their shared host, but it's for a non profit in a smaller city. I have never had an issue.


If I did not already have half a dozen servers, I would probably start with a small cloud server that I can upgrade anytime. You get that almost everywhere today. Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure is most often mentioned. At GoDaddy I have no idea, that's probably more known in the US.


Whatever you do don't use shared hosting, it'll just end in tears and pain.

Use Digital Ocean, Fortrabbit or Linode.

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