5 months ago

Get user ID By Access Token ?

Posted 5 months ago by Mahaveer

Without using auth middleware, how to get user id by token?

//Get access token
        $access_token = $request->header('Authorization');

        // break up the string to get just the token
        $auth_header = explode(' ', $access_token);
        $token = $auth_header[1];
        // break up the token into its three parts
        $token_parts = explode('.', $token);
        $token_header = $token_parts[0];

        // base64 decode to get a json string
        $token_header_json = base64_decode($token_header);
        // then convert the json to an array
        $token_header_array = json_decode($token_header_json, true);
        $user_token = $token_header_array['jti'];
        // find the user ID from the oauth access token table
        // based on the token we just got
        $user_id = DB::table('oauth_access_tokens')->where('id', $user_token)->first();


        // then retrieve the user from it's primary key
        $user = User::find($user_id->id);

        echo $user->id ?? '';

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