1 month ago

Get total (video durations) with GetID3

Posted 1 month ago by Slowhand

Dear all,

I am building a Laravel app in which I upload videos.

To recover the duration of each video, I use the following package which is very good:

Where I need help is to get the total duration of all the videos and I have no idea how to handle this.

Here is an image that illustrates my research:

public function getVideoDuration($Videofile) { $getID3 = new \getID3(); $pathVideo = 'storage/chapitres-videos/' . Auth::user()->id . '/' . $Videofile; $fileAnalyze = $getID3->analyze($pathVideo); $playtime = $fileAnalyze['playtime_string'];

    return $playtime;

$Videofile = $this->videoManager->videoStorage($request->file('video')); $lecture->video = $Videofile;

Thank you all and have a nice day!

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