Get name from second table (belongsTo relationShip)

Posted 11 months ago by Stank0V01

Hello guys, i have problem with displaying data from second table! So here is my db structure first:




Model examples

Notification model:

     * @return \Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\BelongsToMany
    public function categories() {
        return $this->belongsToMany(Category::class,'category_notification');

Category model:

     * @return \Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\BelongsToMany
    public function notifications() {
        return $this->belongsToMany(Notification::class);

My code:

$notifications = Notification::with('categories')->get();

foreach($notifications as $nft) {

 echo $nft->name.'<br>'.$nft->categories->name


What im doing wrong?

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