Get multiple condition into array

Posted 1 year ago by kankai

Hi guys,

I have a question it's about to get 'not fix amount' condition from query. This is my code and i try to get it push into array but it's not working, any other way to make this happen?

$totalgameIdcount = DB::table('wallet_id')->where('status',0)->where('wallet',$player_id)->where('game_id', '<>', '', 'and')->count();

$totalgameId = DB::table('wallet_id')->where('status',0)->where('wallet',$player_id)->where('game_id', '<>', '', 'and')->pluck('game_id');


 for($i = 0; $i = $totalgameIdcount-1; $i++)
    $playeridArray = DB::table('oldwork')->where('status',0)->where('game_id',$totalgameId[$i])->get();
    array_push($playeridArray, $playeridArray);

this is about i search wallet ID, and under it have few game ID. And i need to use game ID to search all data about these game ID.

Thank you

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