Get looping data failed sometimes

Posted 5 months ago by kankai

Hi All,

I have facing this problem when i use query parameter grouping, in my form i have search an UID : 12345 which is contain IDA, IDB, IDC. So i need to get both of this three ID data, at the end i found out some UID can get all IDs data but some only get first ID data.

$UID = $request->player_id;
$tags = DB::table('game_id')->where('status',0)->where('wallet',$UID)->pluck('game_id');

 $gameData = id_data::where(function($query) use($tags)
                        foreach($tags as $tags)
                            $query->where('game_id',$tags)->orWhere('game_id', $tags);

Is there something wrong with my code? Please help me, thank you very much.

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