2 months ago

Get a data from the sql using Laravel

Posted 2 months ago by lav

The table name is ggt_driver

 working_shift_days: [
working_shift_time: [
        {"value":"Shift 1 (6AM to 2PM)","name":"Shift 1 (6AM to 2PM)","checked":true},
        {"value":"Shift 2 (2PM to 10 PM)","name":"Shift 2 (2PM to 10 PM)","checked":true},
        {"value":"Shift 3 (10PM to 6AM)","name":"Shift 3 (10PM to 6AM)","checked":true}

If the user enter the shift_day "Mon" and shift_time is 11:00 Am. And also check that it should be checked value is true. Then how we search it in Mysql using laravel. Also optimise the query.

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