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General advice >Database management system & hosting server

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TL:DR @bottom

I'm a newbie here, and am new to coding in general. This question is probably not really 'laravel' related more a general topic..

Just a quick background I've completed several courses on udemy and always used phpmyadmin (came with installation of mamp). I've been happy to use both mamp and phpmyadmin as it is what I used from the start.

After a course that learned to create your own mvc framework, I realised it would be logical to learn about a widely-used framework. Hence why I'm following the Laravel from Scratch course.

For a newbie, is was quite interesting to see that I need to use the Terminal to host my project instead of using MAMP (looks like mamp was a bit easier in that aspect, but no judging > i'm just a day in, will need to get used to it / learn the commands that I will have to type in terminal (instead of clicking a button :p)

Now this ^, and the course where we learn to connect to the database got me a little confused to how I need to access the phpmyadmin panel (normally accessible through mamp after launching the server).

Jeff quickly shows 3 different database management systems, but seems that there are a wide variety of possibilities to choose from. After reading about phpmyadmin, I came to the conclusion that it is often regarded as unsafe / not the best choice.

My questions :


? "Is there any advantage to using Terminal to host a server" VS "is it fine to try and run it with mamp"

? Regarding the (sql) Database system, is this just mostly user preference (seems a bit like it looking on the web) or is there more to it? = Is it fine to just choose a random one, or should I give it a lot more though and maybe go for the most widely used one or ...?

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