Function to Dynamically make routes

Posted 1 year ago by packy

Has anyone ever made a function to create routes? For instance I am making a custom CRUD (cant use a stock one like Backpack since its pretty complex) but all the routes for all my models follow the same structure:

in my Admin.php (for admin routes)

Route::get('coach', '[email protected]')->name('coach');
    Route::get('coach/create', '[email protected]')->name('coach.create');
    Route::post('coach/create', '[email protected]')->name('');
    Route::get('coach/{coach}/preview', '[email protected]')->name('');
    Route::get('coach/{coach}', '[email protected]')->name('coach.edit');
    Route::post('coach/{coach}/update', '[email protected]')->name('coach.update');
    Route::get('coach/{coach}/destroy', '[email protected]')->name('coach.destroy');

    Route::get('program', '[email protected]')->name('program');
    Route::get('program/create', '[email protected]')->name('program.create');
    Route::post('program/create', '[email protected]')->name('');
    Route::get('program/{program}/preview', '[email protected]')->name('');
    Route::get('program/{program}', '[email protected]')->name('program.edit');
    Route::post('program/{program}/update', '[email protected]')->name('program.update');
    Route::get('program/{program}/destroy', '[email protected]')->name('program.destroy');

As you can see the routes are the exact same minus coach and program. I have like 10 more models so dont want a billion routes. Seems like a good time for a function like:

makeRoute('program', 'AdminProgramController');

and it would generate all the routes. Has anyone done this? I know it could be done, just not sure where to put it or any best practice.

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