1 year ago

fullUrlWithQuery didnt work current

Posted 1 year ago by haizone

i use that function fullUrlWithQuery

like that:

<a href="{{request()->fullUrlWithQuery([$field->id => $val])}}">

in the first time its get good Query like this:


anat thet my $field->id jts 53 and its good

now i whant to add to that Query more params

but i get wrong $field->id in that function and its start with 0 and i need to get other number

if i look at the same link i get that:


its start with 0 and the send param its 1 but its need to be 53 like that:


id i print my $field->id i get 53, but only in the fullUrlWithQuery() function at the second time i get wrong numbersID why its append?

                          <a href="{{request()->fullUrlWithQuery([$field->id => $val])}}">
                                {{$val}} - {{$field->id}} - {{request()->fullUrlWithQuery([$field->id => $val])}}

i get that result:

Smart TV - 53 - http://localhost:8000/category/tv?0=Smart+TV&1=Smart+TV

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