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File Download

Posted 4 weeks ago by streamingsystems


I am using Laravel 8.

I wanted to run some ideas by some fellow developers to make sure I am understanding the way the file download works in Laravel.

I am using Amazon S3 as my back end storage system and it's all connected and working fine in my system.

I am providing a button so my customers can download files (invoices, videos, etc).

Option 1: Download via Streams

When I use the stock "download" it looks like (based on the source) that it's using streams as discussed here:

I understand this such that when I initiate a download it will connect to Amazon s3 and then read the file in real-time and pass "through" my web server for the entire download. As the bits are read from amazon (private bucket authenticated via the Laravel/s3 connector) they are sent back to the user.

Is that correct? Or does it somehow download the file first to a temp file on my web server and then send that back?

I would think with a lot of downloads going concurrently this approach would take a lot of resources from my web server.

Option 2: Temp URL

The other option is to create a Temp URL from Amazon and essentially hand off the download to Amazon as discussed here:

This would, I would think, just take my web server resources as it's setting up the temp URL and handing it off.

Any replies or insight would be greatly appreciated.



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