Feeback towards the courses?

Posted 1 month ago by Atomzwieback


im not sure where to put feedback about courses on laracast. So i will do it here may some one else has an idea how to solve my problem.

Atm im watching the "Laravel from scratch" course but im not fine with it because you learn that much in this course but you never build smt usefull within this course to practice what you have been learned. So it ends with the problem that i allready forgot about stuff that i learned a few videos before?

May some one has a tipp how to handle this problem in a better way, because it slowly fucks me up :D. Atm it seems to me like i have to learn the whole php and laravel world to just build a small website. Back when i learned Angular and JS it was hard to learn this stuff too but compared to angular the time you need to build the first application/ website are ages. May im doin smt wrong but atm im feeling a bit pointless about learning all this stuff in just over dry theory.


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