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ErrorException in UrlGenerator.php line 314

Posted 2 years ago by javineo

I have taken my project from Laravel 5.2 to Laravel 5.3 and I have come across the following error:

ErrorException in UrlGenerator.php line 314:
Route [admin.slider.update] not defined. (View: C:\NeoWebServer\www\homebanking53\resources\views\admin\slider\edit.blade.php)

the error is produced by the following view:

{!! Form::model($slider, ['route' => ['admin.slider.update', $slider->id], 'method' => 'PUT', 'files' => true, 'autocomplete' => 'off']) !!}    ...

and here the route that calls the blade:

Route::group(['prefix' => 'admin'], function(){
    Route::get('/login', '[email protected]');
    Route::post('/login', '[email protected]');

    Route::group(['middleware' => 'auth'], function(){
        Route::get('/',         '[email protected]'     );
        Route::get('/perfil',   '[email protected]'    );
        Route::get('/config',   '[email protected]'    );
        Route::get('/conexion', '[email protected]'  );
        Route::get('/logout',   '[email protected]'    );

        Route::post('/perfil',  '[email protected]');
        Route::post('/config',  '[email protected]');
        Route::post('/conexion/test', '[email protected]');

        Route::group(['prefix' => 'config'], function(){
            Route::get('/modulos',          '[email protected]');
            Route::get('/{slug}',           '[email protected]');
            Route::get('/consultas',        '[email protected]');
            //Route::get('/operaciones',        '[email protected]'); 

            Route::group(['prefix' => 'consultas'], function(){
                Route::get('/{slug}',       '[email protected]'    );     
                Route::post('/procesar',    '[email protected]');

            Route::post('/servicios',       '[email protected]');
            Route::post('/modulos',         '[email protected]');

        Route::resource('/slider',      'SliderController'  );
        Route::resource('/faq',         'FaqController'     );
        Route::resource('/sucursales',  'SucursalController');
        Route::resource('/messages',    'MessageController' );

a little help for a friend


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