1 year ago

Error : No message

Posted 1 year ago by aishahyaacob

when i try to display, the error occur. this is the error

this is my coding in blade


   <div class="col-sm-9">
       <p>Thank you for using Stress Management System (SMS).</p>
       <p>There are some suggestion for you to reduce your stress:</p>

       {{--{!! Form::open(['method' => 'POST', 'action'=> '[email protected]']) !!}--}}

       <div class="container-fluid" id="dynamic_field">
           {{--store data form in array for multiple question--}}

           <table class="table table-bordered" id="dynamic_field">

                   @foreach($suggestions as $suggestion)

       {{--{!! Form::submit('Done', ['class'=>'btn btn-primary btn-lg col-sm-12']) !!}--}}
       {{--{!! Form::close() !!}--}}


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