1 week ago

Error 500 only with blade mistakes/errors

Posted 1 week ago by Somesa

Hello everyone, I have a problem with a laravel project, when I make an error in a template blade, it returns an error 500, but if I make an error on another file like the file web.php (I ommit a semicolon) or in a controller, I have the message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file

On the other hand if I put an unknown variable like {{ $kjsdlkjsd }} in a template blade, laravel does not return Unknown variable ... but an empty page with HTTP 500 ERROR.

While the error fits well in the laravel.log file: local.ERROR: Undefined variable: kjsdlkjsd (View: / Users / ...

I have in my .env activated the display of errors

i try with mamp, and php artisan serve

i try with empty page (just html encode and body)

I dont understand what happens...

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