1 week ago

Eloquent filtering the many to many relationship on 3rd level

Posted 1 week ago by amitshahc

I have the tables Shops, Enquiries, enquiries_shops, Orders (have enquiry_id, shop_id a foreign key in it)


  • Shops belongsToMany Enquiries.
  • Enquiries belongsToMany Shops.
  • Enquiries hasOne/hasMany Orders. because many shops can buy the same enquiry.

Now I am trying to make appropriate relationship function in the models so that; I can fetch all enquiries belongs to a shop and having the orders entry in the Orders table for that shop, and further filter on enquiry future dates (means not past dates to be fetched.);

I tried passing shopId to the relationship function in Enquiry model. but don't how to further pass it to the Orders table.

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