Eager Loading Nested Relationships

Posted 8 months ago by nickdavies07

I'm trying to cut down the queries on my page by making use of Eloquent's nested eager loading relationships.

  • I have Schools, with many assets and that asset has a finance record.
  • I have Schools, with many categories and that category has a type.

I have tried nested eager loading for these relationships by doing this:

$school = School::with('assets.finance', 'categories.types')->find($id);

Then in the blade view, I've got something like this.

@foreach($school->assets as $asset)
    <td>{{ $school->assets->first()->asset_tag }}</td>
    <td>{{ $school->categories->first()->name }}</td>

Obviously this doesn't work for getting the categories or the types since I'm using the $school->assets in the foreach.

How would I go about getting the data from the categories relationship?

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