4 years ago

Dropdown menu laravel 5

Posted 4 years ago by michaelvolst

Heey there,

I am currently using foundation for my dropdown menu and I want to show all of the categories inside of the dropdown

And it does work when the url is like demo.app/categorie but if im going to demo.app/categories/portrait the dropdown doesn't work anymore

I'm also using the Baum package to handle nested categories.

this is the CategoryController: public function show($slug){ $categories = Category::where('slug', $slug)->firstOrFail();

return view('category.show', compact('categories'));


Routes.php: Route::get('categorie/{slug}', [ 'as' => 'category.show', 'uses' => 'CategoryController@show' ]);

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, maybe you guys could help me out with this problem.

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