4 months ago

Double requests on every pageload

Posted 4 months ago by jimmitjoo

I just noticed something weird in my application. When I was about to implement pageview tracking into my own sourcecode, I noticed that I am getting a double request every single time. It happens so fast that you do not even notice on the pageload. (So this is not happening i Google Analytics, probably because JS has not been executed that quick)

For example I hit page.com/test, then I get 1 request with the correct path and a unique request fingerprint, but I do also get another request to the root path of the site with another request fingerprint.

Googled a bit and saw some folks that had used double $next's in their middleware, but that is not my issue. My issue is still unknown.

I am out of ideas of what this can be. I do the "tracking" in my blade template files, if that can give someone any idea?

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