1 year ago

do I still need CORS when using the CreateFreshApiToken middleware?

Posted 1 year ago by p0t4t0

I'm really new to the whole JWT authentication thing and from what I understand so far from researching is that in order for me to be able to secure my API from external requests (requests made from other servers/domains), I would have to make use of CORS (this package specifically https://github.com/barryvdh/laravel-cors) and set 'allowedOrigins' => ['*'] to 'allowedOrigins' => ['mydomain'] in order to tell it to only accept requests coming from my web app. But since reading the laravel docs on the CreateFreshApiToken middleware over and over again, I have realized that I may not need CORS after all since this middleware, as stated in the docs, passes the csrf token I have in a meta tag with each request which my app uses to validate them. If anyone could shed some light on me whether or not I understand these concepts correctly, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advanced.

PS what I am basically trying to do is just disallowing all incoming requests IF they are not made specifically from my app.

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