Cutsom attribute on model available without being in $appends array

Posted 2 years ago by longestdrive


On my development machine I can access a custom attribute without it being in within the $appends array but on my deployed server the method fails - it returns null because the attribute doesn't exist

Is there a php or config setting that enables the attribute to be accessed with or without it being within $appends

Here's the attribute (which actually comes from a package):

     * Returns the latest message from a thread.
     * @return \Cmgmyr\Messenger\Models\Message
    public function getLatestMessageAttribute()
        return $this->messages()->latest()->first();

My development machine is within homestead which uses php 7, the deployed server uses php 5.6 - does that make a difference?

Just curious so I can allow for it or feedback to the package developer.

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