2 years ago

CSS BG image not found, but found when clicked on link

Posted 2 years ago by GroundZero

Hi guys, as the title says...

when I use background-image:url('') it says the image is not found but when I click on the image link in the source code, it shows me the image.

Can anyone explain me what is wrong?

Also... to see my website I have to go to and when I try the .htaccess method found on internet

RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^(.*)$ public/$1 [L]

it doesnt work, it gives me a route error.

Hope someone can help me out, i'm using Laravel 5.4 :)

P.S. see the screenshot... even outside of CSS and just with a "style" attribute on my div the browser says "cannot find the image" but when I go to the link, the image is found!!!

website is not located in my root though its in a sub folder e.g.

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