3 years ago

Creating an E-Commerce Website on Laravel

Posted 3 years ago by mlouka

Hello Everyone,

I have a client that would like an e-commerce site created, but I don't want to create for him a dinky e commerce application on wordpress (the only application I've worked with when creating ecommerce websites). I want to learn Laravel and create a whole e-commerce system for him on it, but I feel a little in over my head and that I won't be able to deliver. Here are a few statements and questions:

Here is the ask from the client: They are creating a new product. They only have one product, but plan to expand to multiple eventually. I know this is very basic ask but please refrain from referring me to the current easy to build platforms out there (wordpress, shopify...etc), unless I really should just stick with what I know (wordpress).

Requirements: -Build an e-commerce website with log in capabilities. -Design from beginning to end -Ability to save credit card payments ( I need some explanation on this) -Content writers ( no need to address this item)

Questions: -Can I learn laravel and deliver the website in 3 weeks time? I know html/css, very little php. -What constitutes being able to store credit card information? -Does creating on Laravel allow me to be able to store credit card information? Please help me understand this problem... -I need a fully customized log in system, how hard is this to create from scratch? I've never created a login system... -Can I get away with using shopify? -Does someone want to mentor on me and I will forever be grateful and never a bother? (on top of possible contracting with this gig)


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