11 months ago

Creating a Demo User Account for web visitors?

Posted 11 months ago by geerizzle

I want to show my potential customers an example of amazing dashboard they'll get when they signup :)

Just wondering the best way to do this. A few thoughts I've had.

  • Create the user account, obviously, add checks to my ProfileController that checks if this account is logged in and stops the password - or anything else - being changed.

  • Or maybe this is better managed with a IsNotDemoUser middleware on the POST routes? If the route is not allowed can I return a defined error (using Vue Ajax/Axios)?

  • Add a specific route for the demo account, so when you visit it automatically does an Auth::login for the demo user

  • Alternatively do an impersonation of the demo user. I already do this from an admin account using middleware. Not sure if I could make a guest user do it too?

  • How to make sure that the demo user is logged out if/when they go on to checkout. I guess I could add this specifically to the checkout controller. Or could I do like a Session flash typeof thing where the user is only logged in temporarily while they browse the dashboard?

Any thoughts most welcome!

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