10 months ago

Create New User - Only a few fields reach the DB

Posted 10 months ago by WallyJ

I am editing the create.blade.php and UserController from the original Auth from Laravel to add more fields.

I adjusted the form and the Controller. It creates the user, but only puts the name, email, and password into the DB.

Here's my controller:


        $flashmessage = "New User Has Been Created";
        $names = explode(' ', Input::get('name'), 2);
        $firstname = $names[0];
        $phonenumber = Input::get('phone');
        $phonelast4 = substr ($phonenumber, -4);
        $newusername = $firstname.$phonelast4;
        $usercheck = DB::table('users')->where('username', '=', $newusername)->count();
        if ($usercheck > 0)  {
           // user does exist
           while (DB::table('users')->where('username', '=', $newusername)->count() > 0) {
            $newusername = $firstname.$phonelast4;

           $flashmessage = "New User Has Been Created - The expected username was taken so this user's username is " . $newusername;
        $request->merge(['username' => $newusername]);
        $request->merge(['password' => Hash::make($request->password)]);

        // return $request->all();
        // die();

        $user = User::create($request->all());

        return redirect()->route('edituser', ['user' => $user])->with('success', $flashmessage);


As you can see, I tried "return $request->all(); which showed me all of the values entered into the form, but they don't end up in the db.

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