1 year ago

Copy Files From URL to Server Public Folder

Posted 1 year ago by Kaustubh

Hi I have two project in which one project contains files and another one dont have file. I want to copy the file from one server to another server.

Server 1 URL = http://localhost/jobseeker/public/datafiles/APPL/JOBSEEKER_trOoH.pdf

Server 2 URL = http://localhost/recruiter/public/

I want to copy server1 file in server2 public folder

    $file1 = REQUEST('cand_resume_url');
    $file2 = public_path('datafiles\APPL');
    File::move($file1, $file2);

I used Copy, Move but it throwing error

The file "http://localhost/mwayhire_jobseeker/public/datafiles/APPL/JOBSEEKER_trOoH.pdf" does not exist

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