1 year ago

Conflict between views

Posted 1 year ago by Danieloplata

Hi, I'm following the Laravel from scratch guide and Jeffrey comments out the route to show individual posts. I copied this, and my "create" method works fine. However, if I have both "createPanel" and "showPanel" routes active - the create route returns a 404. I believe this is because my route is looking for a record with the ID "create", conflicting with showPanel.

// Panel Displays

Route::get('/panel', '[email protected]')->name('panelOverview');
//Route::get('/panel/{panel}', '[email protected]')->name('showPanel');

// Panel Creation

Route::get('/panel/create', '[email protected]')->name('createPanel');
Route::post('/panel', '[email protected]')->name('storePanel');

Everything works seperately.

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