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Posted 2 years ago by toneee

Hi All,

Im after some help as I am a little confused on the best way to do something and think I have been looking at it so long that has caused more problems :)

So essentially I want to store some data in an array (Havent put in the DB as I dont think its worth it as it will stay pretty much static, but I dont want to hard code it as it will be used in various places and may change at a later date.)

I have created this:


namespace App\Http\Utilities;

 * Account Detail class
class accountDetail

    protected static $accountdetails = [
            'user' => ['name' => 'user',
                       'color' => 'green',
            'manager' => ['name' => 'manager',
                          'color' => 'blue',
            'admin' => ['name' => 'admin',
                        'color' => 'red',

    public static function all()
        return static::$accountdetails;

so I call:

$accountdetails = accountDetail::all();

and it works fine, it gives me an array of all the details, but I want to be able to do things like ->first() and other collection methods, but for the life of me I cant work out how to change it so it work, or to be fair if this is a crap way to handle information like that?

Any help or critique is appreciated!

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