1 year ago

Cloned project from git only works when all files are inside vendor/laravel/laravel map

Posted 1 year ago by surly555

Hello everybody.

I cloned LARAVEL project from git and made "composer install" and sett .env file. Then I started project using "php artisan serve" and after it I got errors "Class App\Http\Controllers\NAME_OF_CONTROLLER does not exist".

It started working after I put controllers inside vendor/laravel/laravel/app/Http/Controllers. But that doesn't seems to be right way right?

Also, I tried with clean laravel installation but same thing happens. If I make route to welcome blade it works. It doesn't work only if I have to use Controllers. I am using XAMPP on Windows machine.

What I am missing? Does some part of installing everything on Windows is incorrect and leads to this error?

Thank you in advance.

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