6 months ago

Click Back Button in browser, view shows data with no formatting

Posted 6 months ago by WallyJ

I have a view with url "/admin". When I go there it shows a list of users.

I can click on a user's name and it takes me to the user edit view with url - "/admin/edituser/105" (or whatever user id)

This works great... unless I click the Back button on my browser from the user edit view.

Then it takes me to the correct url - "/admin", but I only see data that looks like:

{"user":{"id":108,"type":"admin","...... etc.

Essentially all the data that should be in the view.

If I reload the page it shows correctly, or if I click a link in the menu that goes to the "/admin" url, it works as expected.

Why would my Back button not load the view properly?

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